Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#HotelHackfest Winner Presentations MBA 2

Hackfest - So many great ideas + good looking presentations!! 
It was a really difficult decision, so we arranged for more prizes.

1st Prize - smart boxes #greenrevampers - Majorie, Anne + Isabelle

Runner Up - smart boxes - Save it for Later - Alison, Cecile, Roderick

Most Humorous - Fun goodies - The Hen Project - Charlene, Margaux, Raya

Most Humanitarian - Fun Goodies Simon, Hashim, Nicolas, Paul-Dominque

Congratulations + many thanks for smart, thoughtful ideas!   
We will start working on the e-Book to freely share all concepts with Hoteliers.

Hoteliers - Free E-Book - link to sign up

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