Wednesday, March 21, 2018

#HotelHackfest Winner Presentations MBA 2

Hackfest - So many great ideas + good looking presentations!! 
It was a really difficult decision, so we arranged for more prizes.

1st Prize - smart boxes #greenrevampers - Majorie, Anne + Isabelle

Runner Up - smart boxes - Save it for Later - Alison, Cecile, Roderick

Most Humorous - Fun goodies - The Hen Project - Charlene, Margaux, Raya

Most Humanitarian - Fun Goodies Simon, Hashim, Nicolas, Paul-Dominque

Congratulations + many thanks for smart, thoughtful ideas!   
We will start working on the e-Book to freely share all concepts with Hoteliers.

Hoteliers - Free E-Book - link to sign up

Monday, March 19, 2018

#HotelHackfest = success @MOBHotel + CMH MBA 2 students

 CMH Academy Paris #HotelHackfest = an inspiring, innovative session!

Now for the hard part - choosing the winning Hack Road Map for Green - Local - Social.  Student submissions are amazing!  

Our strategy advisors were great!!  They helped teams understand the challenges of implementing change, from owners' perspective

Anthony, from HES, spoke of his first hand eco experience in Brazil.  Real life + impressive!  Each advisor was a recent grad of CMH MBA program.

Alison is truly social - she postedMOB hotel photos + blog comments!
Source: Alison Blog

Our team really enjoyed the Hackfest at the MOB Hotel. It was entertaining and unexpected and the croissants were delicious! Also, it was the opportunity for us to visit the MOB Hotel which is quite the place!
At the end of the "meeting", we got some ideas about green concepts and how to be a green hotelier. We hope you will like our idea as much as we do! 

Winners will be announced tomorrow - watch this space!!!

#CMH-paris; #HotelHackfest;

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

#HotelHackfest - Teams' Info + Roadmap Submit Link

Important - read before submitting

  • Put your team members names on one of the slides
    • You may include a link to your Linked In profile - next to your name
  • If you wish to protect your ORIGINAL concept from sales or copy - go to:
    • - register + add CC logo to a slide

  • If you are using an external platform (Prezi, Visme, Emaze) - embed your presentation in a blog post + submit the blog link.

  • Criteria to Win:
    • Visual - busy hotelier finds it easy to understand concept
    • Actionable - busy hotelier can easily implement your idea in the hotel
    • Impact - your concept will have an immediate, positive impact -eco, green, social or mix
    • Innovative - imaginative
  • Good luck!!

Points to Consider
  • Target Audience
  • Deciding Direction - which 'specialty' will your team choose - green or local or social - or some combination
  • How to structure an actionable road map
  • Submit team roadmap by Saturday 17 Link
    • Format for presentation
    • Format for publication
    • Languages
    • Team member links
  • Winners selected Monday 19 - announce Tuesday 20

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

#hotelhackfest Paris - CMH MBAs + Eco StartUps + Hotels

#HotelHackfest by CMH Paris MBAs


  • Theme - A better hotel - better experience - better place
    • Incorporating social/local/sustainable startups' tech + practices  into your hotel - accommodations businesses
    • Focus = MBA brains + social/eco startups + smart hotels - positive environmental impact

Great Idea - Know More Link

  • Outcome - smart, easy to implement roadmaps for busy hoteliers use - accomplish environment changes
  • Benefit HotelsDifferentiate the hotel via social responsibility or sustainability actions, community impact
  • AM 15/03 - MBA students + invitees
Contact + Link to Keep Informed
  • Veronique Sournies - Director International Relations CMH
  • Liz Craig - Creator - Coordinator
    • DM @oneglobe
  • Interested in Participating? - we'd love to hear from you